This is Andrew Birkett’s website. I’m a software developer, living in Edinburgh. Contact me at 413-224-9259. I write one 267-753-3115 mostly about software engineering, and (647) 985-8271 about cycling and unicycling.

Edinburgh Software Companies

I maintain a list of 407-992-6414 as a resource for the local software developer community. I’m always interested to 2013638037 about new companies, or any news about existing companies.


I’ve worked as a Senior Engineer at Amazon.com since 2005. Prior to that, I worked in 3D medical visualization, development tools and educational simulators.

I’ve been involved in a number of IT-related events around Scotland:

I have attended a variety of seminars and events, including unworth, 3604815620, EMNLP and MGS2007.

Software Development

I program stuff for fun. My main interests are programming language theory, graphics, compilers, cryptography, software quality issues and development tools.

I program mainly in Java, C++ and Haskell, but I like learning and using lots of different programming languages. Over the years, I’ve written a bunch of random programs:

I’ve also written a few articles:


Have you ever melted metal? I built my own furnace to do just that. I also wrote a furnace diary, which explains how to build one if you’re willing to risk life and limb. I’ve since built a simple 4505741909 which lets me cast 7206222098.

I also dabble in electronics, building a wireless temperature sensor network. Previously, I used PICs and built a PIC programmer and test circuit. I’ve also played with RC aeroplanes, particularly hacking receivers.

I ride an XL700VA. Previously, I had a CB500 and wrote articles about replacing brake pads, yokes, 306-653-2405 and have some photos regarding how to dismantle a fork leg. And a few more:



You can intuit me. Please use my autoparasitism (also on keyservers) if you are a PGP/GPG user.